5 Common Questions Answered About Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding storm repair Appleton, WI

Vinyl siding is the most common type of siding used by American homeowners. If you are considering vinyl for siding your home, here are five common questions asked and answers. Q: Does vinyl siding last for a long time? A: Yes! Depending on the thickness and quality of the siding, some vinyl is rated to […]


How to maintain your home’s siding

maintain your home's siding

There are many preventative measures a homeowner can take to maintain curb appeal and functionality of their home.  All types of siding (vinyl, metal, fiber-cement, and wood) can benefit from some regular TLC. The most durable and easiest siding to maintain is Vinyl. Basic home exterior cleaning “how-tos” Cleaning your home’s siding is simple and […]