Why is warm weather good for a replacement roof in Wisconsin

Many Wisconsin homeowners know that installing a replacement roof in warmer weather is ideal. While it is still possible for a roofing company to work during the winter; it is much better for a Wisconsin home’s roof to be replaced in the warmer months. Here’s why. The first reason that the warm weather is better […]

5 Signs of clogged rain gutters

Rain gutters are meant to drive water off of your home’s roof and away from its foundation.  A clogged rain gutter stops your gutter system from functioning properly which can lead to foundation damage, structure issues, and even mold and mildew growth so it is important to address clogged gutter issues immediately.  Here are 5 […]

How to find the correct roofing contractor in Appleton, WI

Finding the correct roofing contractor in the Fox Valley can be difficult especially if you have no experience or knowledge in the roofing industry. From pricing to quality of work finding, the right one for your roof repair or replacement is essential for saving you money and ensuring that it gets done correctly. Here are […]

How Appleton Homeowners save money with new replacement windows

Replacement windows are one of the best ways to save money for Wisconsin homeowners. You may be wondering “How does paying for new windows save me money?” Well, today we are going to look at just that.  The first and most important part of replacement windows is how efficient they are. Windows should be able […]

Facts about old replacement windows

Many homeowners discuss plans about improving their homes through new remodels and upgrading units in the house and old replacement windows are a great way to improve your home. Windows can play a big part in your energy bill as well as change the atmosphere of a room. Here are some interesting facts about your […]

Replacement Roofs in Winter

You may think that replacement roofs in winter can’t happen but you can get a replacement roof throughout the year. Rain or shine, blizzard or storm there are times when a replacement roof can’t wait. Consult with a replacement roofing contractor if you are worried about replacing your home’s roof in the winter to prevent […]

Best Winter Weather Windows

Winter is upon us, and with that comes cold weather. Keeping your house insulated can save you a lot of money on your energy bill, and one of the ways your home loses heat is through your windows. That is why it is essential to have the correct windows for your climate. Frames The first […]

What is a vinyl double-hung window

Finding the correct windows for your home can be difficult, with such a variety to choose from it can be overwhelming to know which one is the best for your home. Some of the things to consider are which style, what frame material, what kind of glass, and even what company you want to install […]

Facts about vinyl windows

Depending on when you grew up, you may have heard of vinyl windows being the last option for homeowners because they were cheap, but today’s windows are nothing like they used to be. Today’s windows are stronger than ever, inexpensive, and durable. Here are some facts about vinyl windows made nowadays. Durability Vinyl windows are […]