Outdoor Spring-Cleaning Checklist

The warm weather invites you to get some outdoor spring cleaning done. As the April showers begin, check your home’s vulnerable areas such as the roof and gutters, and clean your windows and siding to welcome the summer sun.  

Here’s a list of tasks for you to accomplish for your home so that you can relax all summer long. Once you’ve completed it, take a look at the Love to Know checklist that includes tips for weeding, gardening and cleaning your grill. 

Check for roof leaks

After all the snowmelt, especially in Wisconsin, it’s important to check your ceilings for any signs of water damage. Water leaks usually appear as yellowish stains on the ceiling. If you’re able, gain access to the attic space in your home and look at the roof decking, too. If you see any wood discoloration, that is likely a leak.  

Call ARC Contracting for a free roof inspection and estimate. This is especially important as we enter the spring season, with frequent rain, wind and hailstorms. Let us climb a ladder so that you don’t have to. 

Roof with hail welts circled in chalk

Clean your windows 

Choose a day when the weather is warm (warm enough to do some work outside) and cloudy. Cloudy days are the best for window cleaning since the sun won’t dry out the cleaning solution and stain your windows even more.  

While cleaning your windows, be careful not to damage any hardware or screens. Pay special attention to the windowsills and tracks. That is where all the grime, moisture and dead bugs go. It’s not pretty… 

For ProVia windows, follow this link to instructions on how to wash your double hung windows.  

Dirty window with cleaning solution and a sponge

Clear your gutters and downspouts 

Gutters are more satisfying to clean in the Fall when there are a bunch of leaves, but they still need your attention in the Spring, too. Focus on the downspouts and their kickouts, first. Those pieces are often burdened by snow and that can sometimes lead to them falling off. Gutters are most susceptible to cracks and leaks throughout the winter, which become apparent in the spring from all the rain. Make sure to keep an eye on your gutters and inspect them for any cracks from expanded ice.  

Wash your siding 

The winter weather is known to pack on dust and grime to any home’s coverings. If your home has vinyl siding, try giving it a scrub. If you plan to use a pressure washer, allow enough distance between the water nozzle and the siding. Pressurized water can damage and crack vinyl siding if not used carefully. We recommend using an eco-friendly cleaning product for maximum algae, dust and grime removal.  

 Dirty siding cleaned with a power washer

Plan a project 

As the weather warms, and everyone’s energy returns, home projects suddenly seem possible again. Give us a call for your free estimate and we’ll help get your house prepared to look its best for the summer ahead.  

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