Is It Time to Look for a Siding Contractor in Appleton, WI?

Like other materials, you will eventually need either a touch up for your vinyl siding or replace it altogether. Though touching up doesn’t require much effort and can still function, replacing outdated vinyl siding can greatly effect the value of the house. This is where a siding contractor in Appleton, WI can step in for you. Here are some signs that your home’s vinyl siding needs to be replaced.

Vinyl Siding Replacement – Signs to Look for:

  • Obvious signs of deterioration such as mold, cracks, holes, or even discoloration can be unsightly and cause the value of your home to decrease. DIY repairs can patch things up but will require professional attention.
  • Swollen panels and bowed boards will make your house look bumpy and bloated instead of a flat surface. This is a sign that there is water damage inside.
  • Peeling caulk will allow water to enter your siding, thereby allowing mold and mildew to grow. Re-caulking will allow seal the mold, so call your siding contractor in Appleton, WI to do the job instead.
  • Flaking Paint means that your vinyl siding’s protective barrier is weakening. Its exposure to the weather can cause greater damage.

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