2024 Exterior Home Trends

A new year brings new exterior home trends. What’s popular for Midwestern homes? How can you refresh a dated exterior and add value to your home? Find new inspiration for home improvement projects in 2024 from siding and exterior paint color, to achieving higher energy efficiency and more.

Home Color Trends

The home trend that gets noticed the most is color. Whether you’re repainting or replacing the siding, the new color you choose should transform your home. A color can refresh a home from looking aged and dated, to fresh and updated. Though color trends come and go, there are some neutral tones that remain relevant year after year.
Color trend, Green siding


To no one’s surprise, the color green is still at the top for most popular house color. While there are a variety of green tones, forest green is the winning shade. Green siding instantly modernizes any home thanks to its popularity, but also acts as a neutral shade to make the home’s features stand out. A neutral green exterior house paint color is quietly bold. It’s not commonly seen on traditional homes, but its calm and unassuming tones allow for the home to seamlessly blend into its green surroundings. 


BluesColor trend, Blue Siding

Making a comeback this year is the color blue. Blue is a good choice on exterior house siding and on entry doors. Adding a pop of color to your front door is a great way to spruce up your curb appeal and make your home more welcoming. 

Blue as a paint and siding color is a great way to make your home look more modern and sophisticated. The darker the shade, the more distinguished the appearance.


Trim home trend, dark brown

Exterior Trim Colors

Exterior trim is added to any edge of a home’s exterior, often found around windows and along the roof line, to accent certain features and to add depth to a facade. For 2024, consider joining the colorful trim home trend. Make your trim pop with a fun accent color to stand out from the rest of the home. While white or a neutral color are usually the go-tos thanks to their ability to blend in, more homeowners are experimenting with darker colors like brown or black. Darker color tones add a needed accent to the home’s features, truly highlighting its character. 

Texture, blue vertical siding and stone

Texture Home Trends

Midwestern houses are built using a variety of textures. Homes have facades made from stucco, vinyl or wood siding, brick and stone. With that variety, homeowners can mix textures and add more depth to their home. A popular new option in the Midwest is to use vertical siding, known as T 1-11. This is a vertical siding with a raised ridge, resembling barn-style siding. It can come in narrow or thick pieces, adding great texture and elongating your home’s facade. This home trend is seen on new-build homes, which is why it will instantly add value and de-age any house. 



Window  IdeasLarge trend-setting windows in 3 season room

The biggest window trend for 2024 is to have windows that fit your wants and needs. If you want more light, there are larger windows. If you need a specific color or piece of hardware, modern windows will be fully customized to your liking. 

Many homeowners are looking for larger windows that offer brighter light. Though expanding existing openings can be a lot of work, larger picture windows  with uninterrupted glass views can quickly add value to your home. New windows from our provider, ProVia®, can certainly meet your needs for a home renovation, from larger windows to custom glass and colors.


Sustainable Home Trends

A growing trend for home improvement projects this year is a renewed effort toward sustainability. Updating features in your home can improve your Sustainable Solar panels on roof home’s energy efficiency and lower your monthly costs for heating and cooling. Sustainable efforts include the purchase of new energy-efficient windows, installing solar panels on your roof and even getting new attic insulation. Thankfully, most insulation materials are made from recycled materials and can help reduce your carbon footprint. 

Eco-friendly home projects can vary in size and scale, but the mission is to create long-lasting improvements. That’s the most sustainable choice of all. Which material has the longest lifespan? What project will need to be redone in 10 years? Though sustainability is a home trend, make sure that your updates and projects last longer than a trend-setting fad. 

Which trend will you follow?

What exterior home trend are you more excited about? A new exterior color for your home or solar panels on your roof? Whichever trend you decide to follow, you can feel comfortable knowing that your house will be the trendiest on the block and looking great for 2024 and beyond.

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