What to look for in siding | Vinyl Siding or Wood?

The perfect siding for your home can make a world of difference, from color to texture, siding can come in a variety of different ways and can make your home perfect.

Vinyl Siding

When talking about replacement siding there are a few categories that are more popular than the rest. 

Wood Siding

The first one being wood, which is a versatile material when it comes to siding and can be painted or stained very easily as well as styled in a variety of ways to make your home stand out. 

The potential downside to wood is that it can be expensive per square foot installed. Another problem is with the moisture if the house isn’t ventilated properly. 

Brick, Stone, Cement Siding

Another category of siding is brick, stone, or cement siding. These can be very aesthetically appealing and great for energy efficiency but can cost the most out of all the materials for siding. 

Vinyl Siding

The final category of siding is vinyl and it controls a hefty percentage of the market, for a good reason. 

Vinyl siding is a very diverse material that can come in a range of colors, textures, styles, shapes, and even materials to give your home exactly what you are looking for. 

With installations and replacements being easy, savings on energy, last as long as 50 years, and is inexpensive to buy you can see why it is a favorite for a lot of people today. 

If you are looking for new siding for your home now is the time to check out ARC Contracting and learn more about vinyl siding and what customization options you can have for your home. 

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Visit our website ARC Contracting and give us a call to learn more about vinyl siding and answer any questions you may have.  ARC Contracting serves the Fox Cities, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Madison, and their surrounding areas.

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