Vinyl Siding Benefits and Why You Should Consider It for Your Home

vinyl siding benefitsWhen people are looking into options for siding their house, vinyl is usually the option that comes to mind first.  Even if it isn’t your first choice, vinyl has a lot to offer on a reasonable budget. Here are some reasons why you should seriously consider installing vinyl siding:

Vinyl Siding Benefits

Color and Texture Variety

Vinyl siding has always come in a wide variety of colors, you can order it to match your current siding, your neighbors, almost anything. Now vinyl siding doesn’t have to just look like vinyl siding anymore. With today’s technology, vinyl can imitate the texture and variance of wood clapboard; it can also mimic the appearance of stone.


Not many types of siding are as durable as vinyl. One of the benefits of installing vinyl siding is that it creates a water resistant seal that prevents your home from absorbing water. This seal also keeps insects from getting between the siding and the structure, decreasing the risk of insect damage. Vinyl is made out of tough materials, so it doesn’t peel or rot and it is less noticeable when there are scratches. The pieces of siding have a locking system that make vinyl even stronger and can withstand high-speed winds and severe weather.

Low Maintenance

With this type of siding option, there is little to no maintenance to do after the initial install. You don’t need to repaint it, stain it, or treat it multiple times per year like with other types of siding. With vinyl siding, maintenance is as simple as washing off dirt and grime periodically.

Energy Efficient

Not only is vinyl siding affordable, it is energy efficient. You can purchase options of vinyl siding that are insulated. This helps to keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer reducing the impact on your energy bills. As an added bonus, having insulated siding also helps to reduce outside noise, keeping your home quiet and peaceful.

Budget Friendly

Vinyl siding is fairly inexpensive to buy compared to other siding options. It is relatively fast and easy to install. This saves you on labor expenses. Typical vinyl siding can cost from $2 to $7 per square foot, installed. So even if you are looking for a higher quality siding material but don’t have the budget, vinyl can give you the look you really want at a budget you can afford.

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