New siding installation in the middle of winter? You bet.

You may think that getting a large home project like new siding done in the middle of Winter is a bit ludicrous, but it may in fact be the best time of year for you to do it.  First and foremost, scheduling is much easier.  As you can imagine, winter tends to be a slow time for contractors, especially in an area like Wisconsin where the temperatures can fluctuate greatly.  Because of that, there tend to be a fair amount of openings and schedule opportunities during the winter, which can help you make sure that you get your job done when you want it done.

Now, you may also be thinking, isn’t it dangerous and/or risky to install siding when it’s cold outside?  To a certain degree (no pun intended), you would be correct, and for the sake of your home and our workers, we won’t work through some of the more intense conditions.  For example, if the temperature is near or below zero and there is heavy snowfall, it doesn’t make sense to start work on a day like that.  It would risk the integrity of the siding job itself, not to mention the well being of the workers on that job.  However, a typical, more mild winter day, is just fine for installing new siding on a home.

One of the other big factors that plays a role and can deter some folks from getting a job like this done in the winter is the difference in temperature from our Wisconsin winters to our summers.  Most materials do tend to contract in the cold, and expand in the heat, which can be detrimental to siding if not taken into account during installation.  However, as stated earlier, we won’t be doing work in the coldest of temperatures. We are also fully aware of how the material we use reacts to changes in temperature, and take that into account when installing it in the first place.  A skilled contractor knows how to figure in the anticipated expansion of the materials and work that into the installation to prepare for the summer months.

So, all this being said, if you’re looking to make an upgrade to your home and your siding is a little out of date, there’s no time like the present to get someone out there and put a brand new look on your home.  During the winter, scheduling is much more flexible, and it’ll be easier to get what you want, when you want it.  The last thing you need to do is figure out what type of siding you want!

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