Hail 101

Hail storms happen every year, so we thought we would do a little hail 101 for all of those interested in the whys and hows of hailstorms. What is hail and where does it come from? Not every thunderstorm has hail. The conditions have to be right for hail to form. Hail forms when updrafts (the […]

How To Pick Your Hail Damage Contractor

Every year, many people are forced to recover from threatening, damaging storms. Regardless of whether a person survives a tornado or a severe thunderstorm, the emotional, physical, and material harm can be significant. During the hot summer months, frightening thunderstorms are prevalent throughout the midwest. Besides creating wind and lightening damage, these storms can also […]

How Can You Tell If You Have Roof Hail Damage

Imagine: a big storm just rolled through and there was decent sized hail. How do you know if your home has suffered from hail damage? There’s a couple of different solutions – consider damage to other parts of your house, try to spot damage from the ground, climb up there yourself, or hire a professional […]

Hail Damage Insurance: A Beginner’s Guide

Homeowners looking to properly insure their homes should be aware that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to all homeowner’s insurance plans. It would be absolutely wonderful if general home insurance covered everything all the time, but they sometimes don’t. For homeowners with property in areas more susceptible […]