4 Fireworks Roof Safety Tips

If you’re celebrating the Fourth of July with fireworks, follow these quick roof safety tips to protect your home from any fireworks harm. 

Though most roofing materials like metal and shingles are fire-resistant, it’s the sheeting and decking just below them that aren’t. Any fire on the roof can set the roof’s structure quickly aflame. Fire can reach those spots through any cracked, popping, or missing shingles. Follow these tips to prevent setting your roof and house on fire this holiday. 

Fireworks Roof Safety Tips

Tip #1: Check for Debris

Your roof collects all sorts of debris throughout the year. It’s a good practice to do a basic cleanup of your roof to remove dry leaves, pine needles, and other debris that can easily take flame. These are most commonly found in the roof valley and the gutters. Small pieces of hot fireworks can land on your roof or gutters and ignite the pieces of dry debris. 

Tip #2: Spray Down Your Roof

Though we don’t recommend climbing your roof in the dark, we think that spraying down your roof with a hose can be a good idea. Dampening your shingles can not only help put out a flame on your roof, but it can also help cool off any hot pieces of firework debris. You can avoid flames and heat damage to your roof by doing so. 

Tip #3: Keep Water Closeby 

An emergency supply of water is a must. Keeping a bucket or hose nearby, or even a fire extinguisher, can save your home from a real disaster. It’s also important to place the used fireworks in some water, to avoid delayed explosions or fires. 

Tip #4: Check Local Ordinances 

Firework safety expands beyond fire risks. Be sure to read your local fireworks and safety ordinances to follow all the proper rules. Help keep your neighborhood safe and fire-free. 

Have Fun

An unspoken fireworks tip: HAVE FUN! Make sure to enjoy the show with your friends and family, knowing that your home is fire-safe. For additional fireworks safety information, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services for a comprehensive list. 

If things go wrong and you need some repairs or a roof replacement, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

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