Why You Should Have a Professional Install Your Bath Surround

Bath surround

We’ve all seen those Home Depot commercials of folks with dingy looking bathrooms walking into Home Depot, buying supplies and going home and miraculously performing a complete bath surround and shower remodel. They make it look so easy, too easy, if you think about it there is no way it is that easy.

Okay, granted, some people are gifted or have a knack for hands-on do it yourself home renovations, but those people are the exception, not the rule. If you stop and think about it, there are a few excellent reasons why you may not want your first ever home improvement project to be your shower remodel or a bath surround, here is why.

1. How do you know what you want to do is safe? In theory, it is all pretty simple, but many complications may arise while doing this for the first time. The Family Handy Man has a great article about doing this yourself, but there are a lot of steps and who says your situation is going to be the same as the one depicted in their article?

2. In your municipality, do you need a permit to perform a shower remodel or install a bath surround? Sure, you could research it but once again if this is the first time you are doing a mixing into what could be a pretty complicated and convoluted ordeal, why would you want that headache?

At the end of the day a professional who’s done hundreds if not thousands of bath sounds and shower remodels is going to have a way better handle on the entire process, start to finish, than you, a novice could ever hope to have. If you do not mind running into all sorts of issues and the processes taking an indiscriminate amount of time, sure take a shot at it yourself it will be a learning experience. If you are serious about getting this shower remodel or bath surround done in the most efficient way possible, hire a professional.