Five Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to a Composite Deck

Composite deck

Composite decks will add value and beauty to your home. While composite decks are usually quite a bit more expensive than your classic wood deck, they last longer and are more sturdy.

  1. Composite decking is a low maintenance alternative to wood decking. Composite decks will not rot, splinter, stain or fade. Composite decks are easy to clean with soap and water. Although composite decks may scratch and even crack given an extreme instance, fixing them is not as invasive as a wood deck. Fixing a damaged wooden deck can be a time-consuming job. On the other hand, when a composite deck is damaged, it is easy to simply replace the damaged parts.
  2. Composite decks are eco- friendly because they are made from recycled items such as ground-up wood and recycled plastic. Upgrading to composite decking minimizes the carbon footprint and puts recycled materials to use in a great way.
  3. Composite decking does not attract termites. When you own a wood deck termites are a real concern. Even with termite treated wood, over time, all wood decks can develop termites. Upgrading to a composite deck you can rest easy knowing they are never at risk of a termite infestation.
  4. Composite decks have great traction even when wet. This is important for decks that are located near a pool. Depending on the setting, a slick wood deck can be extremely dangerous even when it is not near a pool.
  5. A composite deck can be made to look and feel just as good as a wood deck. Some people may be of the opinion that a composite deck looks cheaper than wood. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. There are some cheaper composite decks and there are more expensive composite decks. With composite decking, the possibilities are endless. Trex Transcend comes in many colors and looks like real wood with all the added perks of a composite.

There are many great benefits to composite decking. Call Arc Contracting to upgrade to a composite deck this winter.