Best Time for Residential Roof Replacement

Finding the best time for your residential roof replacement can be challenging. While roofing companies can work through all the seasons, finding a time that fits your needs is more important. Each season has it’s advantages and disadvantages, but knowing your needs and the state of your roof can help determine when the best time to have it done is.

Residential roof replacement

Winter – This season is often overlooked as a time when residential roof replacements can’t happen here in the midwest. While the winter is not the easiest season to replace roofs, it is still feasible depending upon the amount of snow. Roofs can be replaced even in the cold months. The winter season has more availability than summer and fall time. If your roof replacement or repair is desperately needed and it’s the winter season, then it is still possible to get it done.

Spring – Spring is a popular time to do residential roof replacement because homeowners are able to get out in their yards and look at the wear and tear another winter has put their home through. Early spring is a slow time for roof contractors but by March and April time business starts to ramp up with better weather and be a great time for a roof replacement especially if you had damage from the previous winter. The rainy weather or possible snow in that season can make roof replacements difficult but certainly not impossible. 

Summer – Summer is always a busy time for any roof replacement due to the warm weather. For a residential roof replacement, this can make the process go quicker than in the colder months, but the availability of roof contractors may be harder to attain.

Fall – After the summer heat, you have the fall season that allows for mild weather for residential roof replacements Fall can be busy for roof replacements as homeowners are starting to think about the winter. Fall is an optimal time to replace your roof.

Residential roof replacement

Some important things to consider before choosing when is the best for your residential roof replacement are time, cost, and damages. If you have time to wait for your roof replacement, then scheduling your replacement will be easier for you as you are flexible. The cost of a roof replacement can be another factor. Many roofing companies have financing plans that can help you fit a roof replacement in your budget. The amount of roof damage is a driving factor. If your roof won’t last through the winter months, then getting it done right away can be crucial. For more information on how to know when you need a roof replacement, check out our blog about it here.


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