4 Reasons to Replace or Recover a Commercial Roof

As your commercial building ages, the roof will experience weakening and will need to be recovered or replaced.  Replacing a commercial roof will be costly but due to natural wear and tear over time replacing it will eventually need to be done.  The other more affordable option is to recover the commercial roof.

4 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Commercial Roof

Many building owners might be intimidated by the high cost of replacing the whole roof versus recovering it.  Here are 4 reasons why replacement might not be such a scary investment:

  1. You might be required to replace your commercial roof to stay up to code.
  2. Replacing a commercial roof improves the building’s insulation which will greatly decrease damage from ice damming.
  3. New insulation will lower energy bills.
  4. The new material used for commercial roofing is more flexible which will improve the building’s overall structure.

4 Reasons to Recover Your Commercial Roof

Recovering a commercial roof is the most affordable approach if your roof has been experiencing roof leaks and excess moisture, reduced wind uplift resistance, shrinkage, or blistering issues.  Many commercial building owners choose to recover their roof to save on disposal costs which include higher labor costs, trucking costs for transporting the removed material to landfills, and landfill fees.  Recovering your roof can be beneficial for the following reasons:commercial roof

  1. Save money on labor costs.
  2. Avoid exposing the interior of the building to the elements.
  3. Recovering a roof can be done faster than replacement.
  4. No added disposal costs.

Replacing and recovering your commercial roof will increase the lifespan of your roof and improve the structure of your commercial building.  Deciding which option is best for your roof should be made based on the recommendation of a certified commercial roofing company.

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