Protect Your Homes Windows from the Elements

Keep Your Homes Windows Efficient

There are many different options to choose from when looking for the right windows for your home.  A window can come in different materials just like siding and roofing, and it can have multiple panes or have just a single pane.  A double-paned or triple-paned vinyl window will be among one of the most durable and energy efficient options.

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TIP: If you are looking to purchase a double or triple paned window, make sure that the window is well sealed in between panes.  Seals, between the window panes, prevents moisture build up that can potentially cause mold and mildew growth that can weaken your home’s windows.

Window Maintenance

A home’s windows account for almost 30% of a home’s energy loss.  For people living in colder climates, keeping a home’s windows efficient against the elements is important in keeping heating costs low.  Ways to keep your home windows efficient are:

  1. Checking your home’s windows for cracks where heat might escape.  Caulking and weatherstripping any gaps in a windows frame is a cost-effective way to save your current windows without replacing them and to also keep heating costs low.
  2. Check the inside of your home’s window frames for moisture; moisture can lead to mold that can break down a windows frame.  Moisture can also indicate that the windows seal might be leaking and needs replacement or repair.
  3. Installing storm windows can help add insulation against cold weather conditions.  In many cases, storm windows can be installed with your current windows.
  4. Check that all the locks on your home’s windows are working properly, so your windows seal tight to keep out the elements.
  5. Thick curtains can keep out any draft during the winter months.
  6. If you live in a warmer climate, using awnings or curtains to keep your windows shaded from the sun helps keep your harcwindowsome cool.

Regular maintenance and installing storm windows are the best methods to keeping energy costs low in colder climates.  It is also important to keep your home cool if you live in warmer climates, create shade for your windows so your home can stay cool and comfortable.


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