Which Exterior Home Improvement Has the Highest ROI?

Of all the possible exterior home improvement projects, which one ranks at the top of the list for the highest return on investment (ROI)? Let’s break down which renovations are the most popular and profitable. 

Why Focus on ROI 

Home improvement projects make your home appreciate in value, which is why renovations are a great investment. They can also be a major expense. They can also be seen as a major expense, especially as you plan to sell your home. That’s where the ROI comes in. To justify the spend of a remodel, a homeowner relies on the promise of an ROI that is either equal to or at least helps offset the project’s cost. 

On average, homeowners spend more on interior renovations to increase their quality of life within the home, overlooking the possibilities of a larger ROI with exterior remodels. Let’s explore which exterior remodels offer the highest and lowest ROIs.

Highest ROI: Curb Appeal Projects

When looking at a house, the first impression is always formed by its curb appeal. Buyers notice details in a home’s features such as siding material and color, brick or stone color, and door and window styles. Though these all carry valuable building functions, they also decorate a home. That’s why curb appeal improvements offer the highest ROI. They are what sells a home. 

Entry Doors

Entry doors are used every day, whether it be a garage door, patio door or front door. Front doors help build a home’s curb appeal, while adding an air of mystery and privacy. Front doors are literally the entrance to a home—its people and its core. Additionally, front doors can add some much-needed character to a home with a splash of color or beautiful glass. 

According to Remodel Magazine, front door replacements sell for a similar value at which they were installed. That means your ROI on average is 100%. The money you put into a front door should come back to you once you sell your home. Even more, new front doors are quite affordable in comparison to other home remodel projects, which makes it easier to justify the expense when it is lower and returns to you in full. 

ProVia entry door

Siding and Stone

The biggest and most noticeable feature of a home is its exterior material. Does it have siding, stone or brick? A mixture of materials? Home construction styles age slower than interior spaces, which is why replacement siding and stone veneers are popular home improvement projects. They last a long time and can outlive any trends. Though it’s no small feat to replace a home’s facade material, it offers one of the highest ROIs at approximately 98%, as it makes a home appear fully renovated, polished and updated. 

House with siding and stone

Windows: Vinyl and Wood

Focusing on the Northeast Wisconsin housing market, window replacements are extremely popular and profitable. This is likely because homeowners are focused on investing in projects that are both functional and beautiful. 

Modern windows are functional thanks to their vinyl materials, new insulation technology and customizable features. The vinyl allows for easy cleaning and less rotting. Vinyl windows can endure the harsh weather conditions in Wisconsin and look good doing it. ARC Contracting offers ProVia windows that come with all the modern bells and whistles, plus a wood cladding option. That way, older traditional homes can keep the same warmth and comfort that wooden windows provide, while having all the modern amenities of replacement windows. 

It’s no wonder that the average return on investment for windows is around 68.5%. New windows can help a homeowner choose to buy your home, and you’ll receive 68% of the cost back into your pocket. 

ProVia Aeris slider kitchen window with wood cladding

Lower ROI: Still Important to Consider

Some home improvement projects won’t have such a high return on investment. However, they should still be considered for the great benefits they offer. 


This one might surprise you. It’s hard to believe that a new roof would have a smaller return on investment. It’s the first line of defense for a home. It protects you and your family, and everything inside. It protects the largest investment an average American will make in their lifetime, so why is its ROI lower than other projects? 

The average ROI for a shingle roof replacement is around 61%, which isn’t bad. It’s above 50% return, which means it’s worth thinking about. Once properly installed, shingled roof replacements can last anywhere between 25-30 years. Even though the original investment will be more costly, it will last a long time and serve the homeowner well. 

Shingle roof installation

Invest In Your Home

It can be fun to daydream and learn about which project will make you the most money, but it’s time to act. Plan your next home project investment with an ARC professional. We will meet with you, offer up-front pricing and act as your point of contact throughout the whole process. From start to finish, put your trust in ARC to redefine your experience. Set up your free estimate appointment now to get started on your next home improvement project. 




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