What upgrades to consider adding to your replacement window cost

Upgrading your replacement windows can seem like a pretty cut and dry thing, but there’s a lot to go into what window is the best for the cost. Replacement window cost depends on what material the glass is made of; the higher quality material, the more expensive it will be and more money it could save you. 

Replacement glass window

The first type of glass for homes is tempered glass; this glass is heated and cooled very quickly, making it stronger when the glass breaks it shatters into lots of small pieces that are dull. Another name for this type of glass is safety glass, this type of window glass is widespread and is required by code in houses, but there are other upgrades to window glass that can help with replacement window cost.

Low-E glass is a coating that sits inside the glass with a very thin layer of metal, nearly invisible. The purpose of this metal coating is to slow down the transfer of heat through the window. These windows can come in high and low solar gain coatings, which depends on what climate you experience. Lower solar gain is useful for warmer climates, whereas higher solar gain is useful for winters. These windows can save on your energy bill, conserving heat and air conditioning better throughout the house. 

argon gas filled window

The final kind of glass pane typically found is gas-filled panes. Argon and krypton gas are the two leading gases used, and each has its place for use. Argon is more cost-effective than krypton and is used primarily for two panes of glass, whereas krypton gas is used for triple pane glass due to less volume it takes up. Both of these have benefits of saving your home’s energy efficiency and can help with your replacement window cost.

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