Top 5 Creative Window Replacement Ideas

Do you need creative window replacement ideas for your home? Home remodeling projects don’t have to follow trends, be simple or boring. Every homeowner has their own unique style, and each home has its own character. Show off the creative and fun side of your home by considering these five unique window replacement ideas. 

At ARC Contracting, we complete our window replacement projects with our manufacturer, ProVia. This partnership allows for the most customizable window options with industry-leading energy efficiency. Read on to learn more about the ingenious customizations that ProVia windows can offer you and your home. 


Idea 1: Experiment with Hardware

Though hardware seems like a more practical customization, it can really make or break a homeowner’s experience. When completing window replacement projects, consider window hardware options: 

  • Lift handles
  • Cam locks 
  • Crank handles 

We will talk about color in an idea below, but it could also be interesting to have a colorful piece of hardware that stands out from the window.  Customizing window hardware  guarantees that the user experience is top notch, comfortable and easy. 

ProVia window hardware


Idea 2: Consider Fun Shapes

While playing around with new window shapes might invite a larger remodel project,  it can fully transform a home. The exterior facade will change and the interior space will be rejuvenated. 

ProVia offers many different shapes of windows to experiment with. We recommend widening your existing window opening and buying a larger window. That way, your indoor space can get more light and be brighter. 

Another way to make your home stand out is with an accent window. Have you ever considered a round window? Or a hexagonal shape? ProVia offers incredible architecturally shaped windows to choose from, including triangle, octagon, extended half round and more.

There are many shapes to choose from, and if you’re going to invest in a window opening size change, you might as well consider a unique shape too. 

ProVia architectural triangle windows


Idea 3: Explore Double Hung Windows

You’ve probably heard of single hung windows, but what about double hung? They’re very similar in design and function. To any outsider, the windows look the same. However, to a homeowner, the differences between single and double hung windows are important. 

The two windows stand apart when it comes to cost and use. A single hung window is often more affordable and opens from the bottom sash. Every window that you have to pull up on, is a single hung window. 

Double hung windows cost more than single hung but are still affordable in the world of windows. The exciting feature is that both sashes, upper and lower, can open. This is a great safety feature for homes with younger children so that they don’t reach the upper sash, or for first floor windows for increased safety.  

ProVia double hung window

Idea 4: Change Up the Colors 

Window replacements can be a great way to refresh the curb appeal of your home with an updated look or a new pop of color. A recent trend is to move away from traditional white window casements and choose a colorful option instead. Whether the window color matches the home’s siding, brick or stone, or it’s a completely opposite color, ProVia has what you need.

ProVia window replacements offer customizable colors for every piece that makes up a window including grids, cladding and vinyl casement colors..

Take a chance and choose opposing colors for windows from the rest of your home. If you have a light-colored home, try a darker window trim for an extra pop. Or stick to the tried and true with a neutral color that blends into the home. 

ProVia window in black

Idea 5: Be Creative with Glass 

Privacy Glass

Privacy glass is best used for private domestic spaces. For example, privacy glass or film is often installed on restroom windows to ensure that anyone inside is protected from outside eyes. It is also used around entry doors, to offer more privacy to the entrance of the home. 

That being said, it’s your home and your choices. If you want to use privacy glass on any window in your home, you can. If it improves your privacy and sense of comfort in your own home, it’s worth it. 

Decorative Glass

Traditionally used on entry doors, decorative glass can help add more character to your space. ProVia offers decorative glass for doors, which simultaneously becomes a privacy feature too. With floral or shape designs, you can make your windows more fun and make more of a statement inside and out. 

ProVia encourages creativity with windows. They offer a line of Art Glass that lets a homeowner design their own unique and artistic piece of glass. Though ProVia offers some templates and colors, they encourage customers to draw up their own decorative glass pieces.  

ProVia window with art glass on upper sash

Get Inspired

The windows of a home protect the inside from the outdoor elements, while also allowing natural light and air to enter the home. Windows  also offer a look inside the lives under every roof, the characters of the people and their unique styles. Why shouldn’t a window reflect that same personality? 

Get inspired by the five creative window replacement ideas that we shared and then have fun with your next window project. Once you’re ready, schedule a free estimate for your new window replacement project.

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