The Importance of Regular Roof Inspections (And How Often to Get Them)

roof inspectionsThe roof is the most important aspect of the house, as it keeps everyone living in the house safe and protected from the elements outside. While many people believe that their roof will always remain strong and durable, roofing will inevitably go through wear and tear caused by exposure to all different kinds of weather, as well as sunlight. To ensure that the roof is still in good condition, it’s essential that regular inspections are done on the roof to avoid having to replace the whole thing. Let’s go over the importance of regular roof inspections and suggest how often to get them.

Importance of Receiving Regular Roof Inspections

Receiving regular inspections is important for a number of reasons. First of all, every roof will go through standard amounts of wear and tear due to the impact of rain, snow, ice, sun and wind. These elements combine to slowly eat away at the roof and cause it to become less durable little by little. As time goes by, the roof will eventually degrade to the point where it needs to be fully replaced. The issue with this is that the service life for a roof that doesn’t receive maintenance is typically around half of standard service life if regular maintenance and repair is completed on it. It’s also important to note that having a roof replaced can be exceedingly expensive, so it’s more than worth it to pay for regular maintenance in comparison to the costs that will need to be paid if the full roof was going to be replaced.

An inspection will ascertain how much life is left within the current roof and will be able to spot small damages to the roof, such as possible leaks or even rot. Once the issue has been identified, repairs will be done and the roof will last for longer than it would have if the repairs hadn’t been done. There are a whole range of issues that can affect a standard roof, including everything from loose and broken roofing material to sagging between the rafters, as well as improper ventilation that doesn’t allow the roof to breathe. These are just a few of the many problems that can result in a roof due to its exposure to outside factors.

Leaving these issues unchecked can be much costlier than is typically realized. Another reason that regular roof inspections are so important is due to the fact that many of the warranties that people believe will cover the cost of a roof replacement won’t actually cover the replacement unless regular maintenance has been done to the roof and the homeowner is able to verify with the proper paperwork that work has been done in the past on a regular basis to keep the roof from falling into disrepair. By getting regular maintenance done, it’s possible to avoid having to pay for a new roof earlier than initially believed, while maintenance will also keep the warranty intact, possibly providing the homeowner with the ability to use the warranty once the roof finally gives out.

How Often to Get Roof Inspections

Roof inspections can range anywhere from a light inspection that simply involves walking over the roof to a full inspection that includes what is known as a full moisture survey. Getting maintenance done on the roof is important, but it will all be for nothing if this maintenance isn’t completed on a regular basis. It is generally recommended that a homeowner receives a roof inspection twice every year, though once per year is also acceptable. Inspections should typically be done before severe weather seasons. These usually include winter and summer. Both cold and hot weather can have very damaging effects on a roof. Those that live up north will need to get inspected especially before winter, while those that live in hotter climates should have maintenance done directly before summer to ensure that the roof is prepared to weather the coming season. It’s recommended that everyone receive a full inspection with a formal moisture survey once every three to five years, as these surveys will help to identify how much life is left in the roof.

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