Summer Home Maintenance Tips from ARC

Is your home ready for summer? Chances are you already started, if not finished, spring cleaning your home. But did you get everything? Especially now that summer is just around the corner there are some things that are highly suggested you do before we start consistently seeing higher temperatures. Here are some summer home maintenance tips from ARC.


Indoor Home Maintenance:

  • Clean or replace furnace filters
  • Test and replace batteries in smoke alarms
  • Check regulations on fire extinguishers. Get new ones if expired.
  • Clean ceiling fans to improve the airflow in your home.

Outdoor Home Maintenance:

Check Your Gutters:

Your gutters take a beaing throughout winter. If you haven’t already checked them over, make sure to do so as soon as possible. Spring and summer seasons can have a lot of rainfall, you want to make sure that the water from your roof is draining properly. Check your gutters to make sure they aren’t loose, leaking or rusty. Then make sure that the downspouts are securely fastened to the gutters and are long enough that the water is draining at least 5 feet from the foundation of your home.

Fill In Your Yard With Soil

Evaluate your yard and check for any low spots and holes. If you find some fill them with compacted soil. Low areas in your lawn increase the chance of flooding and attract insects. If there are low spots around your foundation, make sure to slope them away from your house so water doesn’t drain inside.

Check Out Your Roof

From the ground inspect your roof for shingle damage. Not sure what to look for? Most common problems with shingles this time of year are: lost/missing, cracked, and buckled shingles. Those are easier to notice from the ground. Another problem to be aware of is shingles that are missing granules.

Concrete Slabs & Driveways

Keep your concrete slabs and driveways in good condition. Check for cracks, movement, and sinking. Fill in any cracks with concrete crack filler or silicone caulk. Make sure that water drains away from house.

Other Outdoor Maintenance Tips:

  • Check outdoor faucets for water damage from freezing.
  • Maintenance the outdoor A/C system and get it professionally cleaned.
  • Check the exterior of the chimney for damage and have the flue professionally cleaned.
  • Prep your lawnmower so you can use it when you need it. Gas it up and sharpen the blades.
  • Cut back trees and shrubs so that they aren’t brushing against your house or roof.
  • Pressure wash deck/patio and re-stain if needed.

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