Solar Shingles Save You Money While Looking Good

When you think of typical solar roof installments, you think of the big, bulky panels that are the size of a ping pong table. But now, that’s not the case.

Traditionally, you would have a bracket system mounted on top of your already-existing shingles and install solar paneling. But now with technology advancements, there are solar shingles that have the same look as a traditional shingle but also have the power of solar energy. These new solar shingles aim to blend more naturally with your roof because they are designed to look like normal shingles. They also protect your roof and have the same durability and flexibility as traditional asphalt shingles. Add the efficiency of solar power to your home while maintaining the aesthetics of your roof.  This new technology is starting to pop up in certain areas of the country.

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Solar Shingles Explained

Almost everyone has seen solar panels and solar shingles, but do you know how they work? Solar shingles generate energy through direct or diffused sunlight because they are made with a semiconductor film that produces electricity. Now the amount of electricity that is produced is dependent on a couple of variables.

Factors that affect the electricity output:

  • Demand of the building
  • Amount of sunlight that hits the building
  • Amount of roof-space that is available
  • Current utility rates

Don’t live in a sunny area? It still works! It doesn’t take direct sunlight to power up your home or office; solar shingles can still conduct electricity even on cloudy, overcast days. Live in a very sunny area? There’s an added perk for that. If your roof produces excess electricity, you can sell it to the electric grid and depending on your area’s regulations you could get a credit for your utility bill. Just because you’re installing solar shingles doesn’t mean you have to be completely powered by the sun. A lot of solar shingles work with already existing power sources. Your home can run on a mixture of electricity and solar energy.

While ARC doesn’t yet offer solar shingles, we’ll be watching this interesting new product as it becomes more readily available and cost-effective for homeowners.  It is an exciting development in the always-changing world of renewable energy.

To find out more about solar energy, check out Solar Energy Industries Association article.


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