Signs of a Damaged Commercial Roof

Do you suspect that you may have a damaged commercial roof? If your commercial roof is damaged, the results of that damage will probably present in the form of a leak or a gaping hole above your head. This article is going to discuss a few of the early warning signs of a damaged commercial roof. Like most things, the earlier you catch an issue with your commercial roof, the less extensive the damage will be.

Let’s start at the top, where your roof meets the wall your commercial roof. Flashings protect this area from rain and if the flashings become loose water will get into your roof. Keep a close eye on your flashings, and inspect them on a semi-regular basis as the start of most leaks originates from flashings.

Any standing water on your commercial roof is never a good thing. After heavy rain or snowfall, some remaining water is okay, but it should not stick around for more than twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Anything longer than that and you are asking for trouble, this probably won’t be the end of your roof right then and there but having areas exposed to high moisture like that over extended periods of time will cause damage to your commercial roof.

Damaged commercial roof Green Bay

Interior water stains are just about the worst thing you can find in your commercial building and here is why. When you’re standing there looking up at that big yellow spot on your ceiling, it one hundred percent means water was there. There is no good news when water and your ceiling are involved. This can mean that there is a hole in your commercial roof somewhere or a leaking pipe.

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