Replacement Roofs in Winter

You may think that replacement roofs in winter can’t happen but you can get a replacement roof throughout the year. Rain or shine, blizzard or storm there are times when a replacement roof can’t wait. Consult with a replacement roofing contractor if you are worried about replacing your home’s roof in the winter to prevent further damage from an old and damaged roof as soon as possible.

Replacement roofs in winter

One reason you may hear from roofing contractors that replace roofs in winter can’t happen because, if temperatures fall below freezing then the adhesive or glue to seal properly in the cold. This may sound reasonable but it is not true. 

There are ways that roofers can handle freezing weather. During the summer months or warm weather, asphalt shingles can rely on the sun and warm weather to interact with the sealant causing it to stick. During the wintertime without the heat from the sun, this can still be achieved by having the roofing professionals hand-seal each shingle to make sure the adhesive bonds correctly. While this does take longer, it is the best way to ensure that every shingle on your roof is sealed properly. 

Another thing to look for with replacement roofs in winter is a qualified and experienced roofing contractor. A knowledgeable crew is a necessity when having your roof replacement done correctly during the wintertime. They understand the quality and requirements needed to make sure your roof is installed properly in the cold temperatures. 

Replacement roof in winter

Replacement roofs can be done in the winter by an experienced and certified roofing company Roofing companies are busy all year round especially during the summer months due to the high volume of roof replacements. If you need a roof replacement contact ARC Contracting today to talk to one of our professional contractors to see what steps you need to take for your roof.

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