Redefining Commercial Experiences: Your Commercial Roofing Contractor That Cares

What does it mean to be a commercial roofing contractor? ARC Contracting’s local commercial crew is ready to take care of you. They are led by our top salesmen, Adam Reichenberger and Andrew Luedtke, who have 27 years of combined roofing experience and have helped more than 500 business owners across Wisconsin with commercial roof repairs, re-roofs and maintenance. 

Who are our commercial roofing contractors? 

Adam has been with ARC Contracting since 2015 and is passionate about what he does. He has been in the commercial roofing industry for 14 years and has been a roofer, foreman and salesman. He has been integral to the development and growth of ARC’s Commercial division since its inception. 

Andrew joined the ARC family in 2010 and has a large portfolio of projects he’s completed during his tenure, both residential and commercial. He joined Adam in the commercial division in 2016 and the pair has been unstoppable ever since. When asked what he loves most about his job, Andrew responded with four words: I love building relationships. 

Commercial roofing Contractor Adam Reichenberger

Adam Reichenberger

Andrew Luedtke

Andrew Luedtke

Commercial roofing projects often have longer timelines. From the initial inspection, to quote and proposal, to project start, and finally through to project completion, the ‘sales’ process can last months. That’s why it matters to care about the person you’re in business with. Creating a relationship with business owners across Wisconsin is what Adam and Andrew do best. 

They will be there for you through the excitements, challenges and grand openings, from start to finish. They care about your business’s products, growth and health. In fact, one of Adam’s favorite things about his job is seeing and learning what kind of work each business does while he’s on the roof. In a way, he’s seeing the whole operation from an aerial perspective. 

Who are our valued customers?

Perhaps the best part about the relationships Adam and Andrew forge, is that they are long-lasting. They both have clients they’ve worked with for many years, some since our first year offering commercial roofing services in 2015. 

Most commercial roofing relationships end until ARC’s services are needed again. That’s not always the case.

Adam has worked on jobs all over the state, but holds a few projects closest to his heart. Jim Coates, owner of Badger Metals Inc. is one relationship that Adam is very proud of. The pair has worked together for many years on a multitude of projects. Adam is always ready to help Jim with any roof repairs or replacement his buildings might need. 

It’s no surprise that Jim called Adam when his own residential home had a roof leak. Adam was over right away to fix the leak and even gave his input for some landscaping solutions around the home. Would your contractor do that? Adam’s relationship with Jim is quickly growing into a real, trusting, friendship. 

Andrew’s been lucky to work with Keller Inc., a local commercial construction group for many years. Their relationship started with one estimate and has grown into a multi-project relationship. Andrew has quoted several new-build projects for Keller Inc., which has expanded his expertise to new-build roofing bids, rather than re-roofs and repairs only. In the future, Andrew hopes to grow his relationship with Keller Inc. even more, and get a chance to work on bigger projects. Until then, ARC continues to provide regular maintenance and support to the existing roof projects that we’ve completed together. 

Why do our customers choose ARC? 

At ARC, our commercial roofing contractors are your friends. Adam and Andrew understand your roofing needs and can offer proper solutions for your Wisconsin properties. They work to gain your trust and to find an affordable option for your business. They always strive to get the best results for your business by not only quoting, but also educating. Our team is willing to teach you about roofing materials, applications and techniques that will get you the best result.  Our clients choose ARC because we choose them. We are fully committed to you, your mission, your business, your building and beyond.

Our contractors have a personal stake in your project and will be with you every step of the way. Trusting in a person, a contractor, a product and its delivery is all part of the contracting experience. 

At ARC, we’re redefining experiences. Adam and Andrew are on the road day after day, checking-in with past clients, performing routine maintenance appointments on past projects, and always on the lookout for a building that needs fixing. They believe in a brighter future for your business: They invest their time and energy, as you invest in the value of your business.

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