Popular Roof Types

The main purpose of a home’s roof is to protect the inhabitants from the elements; to keep the outside out. But the roof also plays an important role in support, drainage, and the insulation of homes too. When designing a home, many may not put as much thought into the roof as other parts of the home. Some may believe that there are not many options when it comes to the design of his or her roof, but they are wrong. There are a number of different, popular roof types to choose from, and even combine, to design and construct their ideal home.

popular roof types

Flat Roof

The flat roof is one of the easiest styles to identify and to construct. Flat roofs are more cost efficient because they allow most of the interior space to be used. The rooftop itself can also serve as additional space. Anything from a garden to a lounge area can be created on a flat rooftop. In crowded areas, the rooftop can be the next best thing to a yard. However, it is important to consider climate with this style of roof. Rainwater and debris can buildup on a flat roof, which can require a lot of maintenance. This style of roof is best for areas that get little to no precipitation.

Gable Roof

Another common style is the gable roof. A gable roof is made up of two flat slopes joined at the top to form a triangle when viewed from the front or back. There are several different variations of this simple style that allow more room for creativity when designing or building a home. The most common variation is the side gable roof. With this type of roof, the two slopes meet and form a triangle on the sides of the home. Another variation is the cross gable roof, which is simply two gable roofs joined together at a right angle. There is also the French gable roof, which has a flat area on top rather than coming to a point like a triangle. With the gable roof many things are possible. The design of a gable roof allows for the easy runoff of rainwater and debris, making them the most practical choice.

Hip Roof

The hip roof is a design in which all of the sides gently slope down toward the walls of the home. There are no gables or other vertical parts. They look similar to a typical triangle-shaped roof, except the slope of all the sides is significantly lower. Square hip roofs are shaped like pyramids. This type of roof is known to be strong and durable. Its design enables it to withstand extreme winds and even natural disasters like earthquakes. This more sleek and compact style has also been known to be very pleasing to the eye as well. Any variation of the hip roof can be used to add flare to a home’s design. It is a good choice for homes in any area, but especially those in areas with extreme weather or those prone to natural disasters. This design will provide strength, durability, and style.

Mansard Roof

The mansard, or French style, is basically a type of hip roof. Each of its sides has two slopes instead of one. The first, or lowest, slope is significantly steeper than the one above it. Sometimes the top slopes are not able to be seen from the ground. The mansard style roof is elegant and economical all at once. The design is not only beautiful but it also provides extra living or storage space at the top of the home. Another style, very similar to the mansard roof, is the Dutch inspired gambrel roof. It is designed with vertical gable ends and the roof extends to overhang the façade of the home.

The various popular roof types mentioned above can even be combined to create a totally unique home. For example, the main portion of a home may have one style and the carport or garage may have another. Larger homes with different wings or sections may incorporate the use of several different roof styles. As long as the home or building is structurally sound and safe, the roof design possibilities are great. The roof of a home may not always be the first thing that is considered, but the right roof will make all the difference. And the different roof types available make it possible to have beauty and functionality at once. Want to replace your roof for a different style? Contact ARC Conracting for an estimate.


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