Painting or Staining Your Deck Versus Recovering it With Composite

When it comes to maintaining an older deck you have a choice to re-stain/re-paint or you can upgrade to a composite deck. When you find yourself at this crossroad, do you have it sanded down, re-stained and weather sealed, or maybe you should just have it painted? You have heard that’s the cheaper option and it might last longer. I’ve got some news for you; it won’t, your wooden deck will continue to be a source of aggravation. This is why composite decks are so sought after.

You will spend more time and money taking care of a traditional wooden deck then you will relaxing on it; which is the whole reason you bought it, to relax on it, it’s a deck, not a puppy, you aren’t supposed to have to take this much care of it!

If you have an issue with a small area of your stained or painted wood deck and for whatever reason have to replace a few planks that could turn into a significant problem. Imagine this, you get a few new planks, and you need to stain or paint them to match the rest of the deck, only one issue. The stain and or paint has been on the deck for a few months or years at this point. That means even if you use the original stain or paint on the new planks it won’t match the others because they have a slightly different hue due to the weather they have experienced versus the new ones!

Composite decking is made out of plastic and wood but looks better than real wood, believe it not! It will continue to look brand new after years and years of use. Which means the issue above of replacing a few planks will never cause an aesthetic problem for your deck and you can relax and enjoy your composite deck made out of Trex Deck for years to come.

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