How Much Does Window Replacement Cost

Discovering how much the window replacement cost will be for your home can be done by answering the following three questions. How many windows do you need to replace? What kind of windows are you purchasing and who is going to install them?

  1. The average American home has about 10-20 windows. A regular size double hung, energy efficient vinyl window will usually cost between $450 and $600. The cost of the window will also depend on the condition of the surrounding window frames and the material of the wooden frames. If they are in poor condition, they will also need replacement, this is known as “new construction windows” and will cost between $50 and $100 more.
  2. There are approximately seven or eight common window types found in American homes. Their prices can vary from a hundred dollar square window you could buy at Home Depot, to a several thousand dollar designer high impact window. Depending on where you live it can be practical to invest in specialty windows. For superior insulation, you may want to consider a triple pane argon gas filled window. If you live in a place where flying debris from hurricanes, tornados, and or hail storms are a concern, high impact windows may be an appropriate option for you. The window replacement cost will be most affected by the types of windows you decide to buy.
  3. The chances are high that the least expensive part of your new window installation will be the labor. Unless you are some DIY wizard, you’re going to want to hire a competent professional to install your new windows. Whenever you are doing work to your home, it’s always wise to get a few quotes for the job.

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