Leaves, Debris, and Ice. What’s in Your Gutters?

Gutters can often go neglected by homeowners because the function of rain gutters becomes forgotten.  This is a reminder that keeping your gutters functional is IMPORTANT. Gutters protect your home’s basement, siding, windows, foundation, and even your landscaping.  They are a vital part of preventing costly water damage to your home.

3 Ways Gutters Get Clogged:

Cleaning clutter out of gutters is not a job many people look forward too. If it’s a chore you don’t enjoy doing, find ways to prevent clogged gutters. Here are three gutter offenders.
1. TREES: If you have trees that are close to your home, leaves, and twigs will eventually find their way into your gutters. Leaves can become heavy when wet causing a build-up that quickly blocks rain from being directed away from your home.
2. DOWNSPOUTS: A downspout is a final destination for your homes gutter system for rainwater. They direct water away from your home protecting it from water damage. Make sure that your home’s downspouts are not damaged or clogged, and are properly guiding water AWAY from your home.
3. ICE: Ice damming is caused by melted snow running into clogged gutters and freezing. The heaviness of the ice can warp gutters becoming a costly future repair.

Clog Prevention

There are a couple of solutions to the problems listed above. Protect your home by investing in these solutions.
1. HEAT TAPE: Properly installed heat tape can help prevent ice dams by melting the ice to properly run through your gutters and away from your home.
2. VENTILATED ATTIC: An improperly ventilated attic can cause ice damming by melting snow that runs to the gutters, freezing, and causing the ice build up. An attic that is properly ventilated will keep the heat in your home and prevent it from warming the home’s roof making it too warm for snow causing it to melt.
3. GUTTER GUARDS: Gutter guards can be installed onto your existing gutters to keep leaves and other debris from building up and blocking rain from running off your roof and away from your home. Gutter guards are an investment that can protect your home from costly water damage.

There are many ways gutters can get clogged causing water damage to your home. From trees to ice, the best way to prevent damage is by cleaning out your gutters or installing systems like gutter guards or heat tape to keep your gutters functional.

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