How to make sure your gutters are ready for spring

Springtime is here and your gutters need to be prepared for the rain that comes with it.

Why is it important to clean your gutters

Your gutters are responsible for properly draining the water that falls on your roof and keeping it away from your home. 

If your gutters aren’t working properly it could cause flooding, mold build-up, leaks, and other problems. 


Here are some tips for making sure your gutters are ready for spring…


  • Clean out your gutters from debris

Once it’s safe, you should climb up a ladder and clean out your gutters from any sticks, leaves, moss, and anything else that could block the flow of drainage. 

  • Look at the slope of gutter drainage

During winter your gutters could have shifted causing the drainage path to be disrupted. Fixing this will ensure water flows properly away from your house.

*TIP* At a point in time you will eventually need to repair or replace your gutters 

  • Make sure your downspouts aren’t clogged

After you’ve cleaned your gutters it’s important to take a look at your downspout to make sure nothing is lodged in there that will block water from flowing down. 

Bonus Tip – Look into getting gutter guards to help keep your gutters clear of debris

Gutter guards block out big debris from entering your gutters while still allowing water to flow. This is good for homes that have trees overhead that cause a lot of leaves to fall onto your roof and gutters.


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