How to keep your home warm with winter windows

If you ever felt that your house is colder than it should be, it could be because of your windows. If you have old windows or non-efficient windows you could be losing a lot of your heat through windows. Here are some ways to keep your home warm with tips on winter windows

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  • Curtains

One of the best and inexpensive ways to keep heat inside your home is to put curtains over your windows, the thicker the better. This will provide insulation to keep cold air out and warm air inside your home. 

  • Close off unused rooms

If you don’t use a room very often try keeping the door closed off from the rest of the house so it doesn’t bring cold air into it. By limiting where in the house the heat goes you can make the more used rooms warmer.

  • Sunlight

Even in winter, the sun can be your friend for warmth. During peak times for the sun around noon-2 pm opening up the blinds and letting the sunlight come in is a great way to get some extra heat in your home. Try to close your blinds back up after that otherwise, you will start to lose heat. 

While those are all basic and inexpensive things you can do to help keep your house warm with winter windows, there are some other ways that cost more but provide more value to your home. It’s hard to think that replacing windows will save you money but by doing so you will save more money by needing to use less heat and A/C throughout your home.

  • Double Glazed or Energy Efficient Windows

Replacing your windows with double glazed or another energy-efficient window can save you on average $500 a year on heating and cooling. Talk to one of our representatives to know which window is best for your home and budget. 


If you have other questions about keeping your home warm with winter windows visit ARC Contracting for all your answers. We will be more than happy to help you with your home needs. 

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