How Much Does the Average Replacement Window Cost?

Replacing windows for your house can be expensive, but how expensive?

window replacement cost

The replacement window cost depends on a few factors, type of window frame material, type of glass, where the window is located, age of house, and full-frame or retrofit replacements. 

Many windows nowadays use vinyl frames for windows due to their effectiveness and cost of them. Wooden frames are another popular choice to buy, deciding on which of these you want in your home can change the replacement window cost. 

The type of glass is a major key factor in replacement window cost due to the rise in technology, and it can be the biggest difference in saving your money in the long run but costing you more in the short run. Depending on how many panes can help keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. While these windows may cost more upfront in the long run you’ll save more on your energy bills.

Location and the size of the window is another factor that can change the replacement window cost. If your window is easily accessible and single frame window it’ll cost less than a window that is very high up, big and circular. Talk to your window contractor and answer your question about which windows will cost more than others. 

Other factors may include the brand of windows you choose such as Jeld-Wen which can go from as much as $50 to $1200 a window. Whereas other window companies have a more stable price range of $300-500 per window. 

House age is another factor due to the older homes needing specialty work or repair in order to replace the new windows. 

Geographical location can change the replacement window costs due to the temperature your region reaches. Colder weather may cost more than warmer regions.


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