Facts about old replacement windows

Many homeowners discuss plans about improving their homes through new remodels and upgrading units in the house and old replacement windows are a great way to improve your home. Windows can play a big part in your energy bill as well as change the atmosphere of a room. Here are some interesting facts about your old replacement windows

old replacement windows

  • More than 25% of your heat loss in your house can occur from your windows being inefficient. If that seems like a lot it’s because it is. Old replacement windows can be damaged, have old technology, gaps, or other problems that could be costing you lots of money throughout the year on your energy bill. Upgrading your windows may cost you right now but will save you money, in the long run, saving in just energy alone. 
  • Low-E coating is a newer technology that can help you save money from your windows. Just like with fact number one old replacement windows can cause you to throw money out the window from being inefficient.  Low-E coatings can help your windows hold more heat in making any window more insulated. Low-E coating is a technology that allows the glass to keep solar heat trapped inside so during the wintertime cold air can’t get inside. It also has other benefits such as reducing the harmful UV rays from the sun that can damage your furniture and carpet. 
  • There are energy efficiency tests that you can run on your windows to see how they perform. There are four main parts to this test to determine how energy efficient your windows in your house are. The first being the U-Factor, which takes a look at how much energy is leaking out of your windows. The lower the score the better. The second part being the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, which measures how well your windows block the hot air from the outside from entering. The lower the score the better. The third part is the Visible Transmittance, which measures how much light is allowed through your windows, the higher the score means more light is let through. The Visible Transmittance score is not always one that will save you more money rather, it allows you to know if the window will let enough light into your home that you want. The final part of the test is the Air Leakage, which measures how much air can enter your home thold replacement windowsrough your window. The lower the score the better. 

These are just three facts about old replacement windows that could help you save money in the future when buying windows. If you need a roof replacement contact ARC Contracting today to talk to one of our professional contractors to see what steps you need to replace the old and inefficient windows in your home.

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