Get Your Exterior Restoration Projects Done Before Winter

Winter’s coming quick, but exterior restoration is still being done.

We all know that those Wisconsin winters can be brutal, and it’s coming up pretty quick on us.  Halloween is just around the corner already!  For those of you who may not be aware, we will be working as long as the weather allows us, so if there’s exterior restoration services that your home needs, it’s not too late to get us out there!

Once the snow hits, a lot of our exterior work can be hard to complete, so it’s important to get your projects done before the cold comes.  We are still out and about doing work, and although our schedule’s tend to fill up pretty quickly at this time of year, we still have plenty of room for your jobs.

If you have any work that you’ve been putting off, make sure that you at least get it looked at before that thermometer drops.  Don’t forget, we do free inspections!  So if you have something at your home that you’re even slightly concerned about, give us a call!  It may be a real quick fix that we can have done for you in a flash, or maybe something that we can at least patch up until it gets warmer again.  The bottom line here is to just make sure you cover your bases.  You don’t want to let a damaged area become even worse due to negligence.  So get us over there to make sure your homes are in tip top condition before that white stuff comes.  There seems to still be some nice days coming out from time to time, so there should be plenty of time to get your jobs all done if you get us on the horn soon!

This picture was taken just about 2 weeks ago!  Let’s hope that sun stays out for us all a little while longer!

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