How to Know if Your Windows are Winter Ready

When it comes to knowing if you have energy-efficient windows that are winter-ready, there are a few things to check. In this article, we will be discussing leaks, drafts, age, and the practical application to your residence and its windows.

1. Leaky Windows

Let’s start with leaks. Have you ever walked past a window during a summer rainstorm or thunderstorm storm and noticed a small puddle forming on the window sill? Well, that my friend is a leaking window; it’s a sure sign that the window isn’t ready for winter! The last thing you want is for the harsh reality of winter to get its icy fingers into that compromised window and wreak some frozen havoc on your home! 

2. Drafty Windows

When you walk into a room and feel a breeze, you probably have a draft. Now in the warmer months, it’s going to be more of a “wow it’s warm; what’s going on,” especially if you have central AC. “Warm in here” easily translates into “brr it’s cold in here.” Which means if it’s happening in the summer, you better get ahead of the brr and get yourself some new energy-efficient windows for that room. 

3. Old Windows

Your windows are ever susceptible to the march of time. If your windows are old, they may not be up to

energy efficient windows

the task of handling another winter. It will depend on the year, make, and model of your windows. If your windows are past their life expectancy, then the chances are high that you will need to replace them if you want to have a comfortable winter in your home.

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