Repair or Replace a Commercial Roof- Appleton, WI

Understanding when your commercial roof needs repair or replacement can be tricky. This article will discuss how to know when it’s time for repair or replacement and the best practice for implementing both.

The first step in commercial roof repair is identifying the problem, this may sound simple but commercial roofs are usually pretty big and what appears to be the cause of the problem may not be the only affliction causing the roof harm. Spend the time to understand what is causing the roof damage and where it is really originating. The last thing you want to do is continue fixing the same problem or worse replace a roof only to have to keep having the same issue with the new roof.

roof repair OshkoshA roofs age may be a good indicator of whether it makes sense to repair or replace it. If a roof is nearing the end of its life, it will probably continue to have problems, and it may be easier to just replace it.

Commercial roof repair is a great solution when the damage to the roof is small. It is less expensive and can make your roof last longer. However, sometimes a roof is in such bad shape that it is no longer worth it to try to repair it. In that case, the best thing to do is to completely replace it.

After the commercial roof repair or replacement has been completed, it’s of paramount importance to design and implement a quarterly or bi-annual maintenance program. If you live in a climate with extreme weather, it’s possible that you’ll need to perform more regular maintenance on your new / recently repaired roof.

Taking care of a commercial roof is no different than taking care of anything else you own. You need to pay attention to what type of abuse it endures, inspect it to determine if and when it needs repairs. Once you’ve determined it is beyond repair and in need of replacement, you’ll need to make sure you’re replacing it with a product that fits your needs.

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