5 tips on buying new windows

If you’re thinking about replacing the windows in your Appleton home it’s important to know these 5 tips when choosing new windows. 

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Decide how many windows you want to replace

Replacing your entire home with new windows can add up fast. If you’re looking to replace just the ones you need to or are you wishing to change all the windows. By knowing which ones you want to replace it will get you an accurate estimate of the cost.

Choose the best glass you can afford

Many Appleton window buyers focus heavily on the cost of buying and installing the windows but the major savings can be done through how energy efficient the windows will be. If you go with a cheap window it will let more cool air in during the winter making you have to spend more on heating in the winter. While it may be more expensive now, it can save you lots of money for the future. 

Find an Appleton window expert

Take your time to research and find the best window replacement company that will help you along with the process. Make sure they are knowledgeable and can give you helpful advice, ask around or read reviews of people that have had work done by them before in the past.

Don’t just choose because of the price

We understand that price is a big factor in buying windows but there is more to take into consideration. With a cheap window purchase, you may also get cheap workers who don’t do a proper job at installing them leaving you with a bigger bill than just going with a more expensive company. Take all things into consideration and choose the company that will do the best job, not always the cheapest.

Look into what warranties and other costs that may occur

One of the biggest things to look for when buying Appleton windows is what warranties do they offer? Will you have to pay if something doesn’t go according to plan, or are labor and parts included in the price? How long does the warranty last? If something is wrong with the window after installation can they come back and fix it? These are very important questions to ask your window contractor.


If you are interested in replacing your Appleton windows give ARC Contracting a call or visit our website to get a free estimate and answer any questions you may have. 

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