3 Benefits of Regular Commercial Roof Maintenance: Lifespan, Repairs, and Investment

Commercial roof maintenance isn’t always top of mind, but a roof is one of the biggest assets of a business. Commercial roof maintenance has three main benefits: Extending your roof’s lifespan, catching problems as soon as they happen and keeping your business doors open.

Benefit 1: Roof maintenance can extend your roof’s lifespan

The word ‘maintenance’ implies that there has to be an issue before you schedule maintenance work, but that’s not true. Keeping up with your roof’s maintenance and care can almost guarantee that your roof lasts between 10-20 years longer than expected. With constant care, regular attention and weather considerations, your roof will be ready to handle almost anything.

Maintenance schedules and as needed inspections
We encourage business owners to schedule regular maintenance appointments every six months: one in the fall and one in the spring. That way, your roof receives the proper care it needs to survive both a severe Wisconsin winter and a stormy summer. Consider calling your maintenance contractor after hail storms or high winds to ensure there isn’t any extensive hail damage or debris on your roof.

Benefit 2: Regular roof repairs prevent bigger problems

If you have regular maintenance appointments for your commercial roof, there’s a higher chance that your maintenance crew catches new problems.
Your maintenance crew will be able to quickly repair the issue they found since it’s likely still small. If you put off maintenance and repairs, the problem will only grow and get more severe. Avoid costly repairs in the future with regular maintenance, monitoring and support.

Custom maintenance plans
Another great way to get quality roofing repairs done during maintenance appointments is by creating a custom maintenance plan. No two roofs are alike, so why should maintenance plans be the same?
Make sure your maintenance crew knows the best practices for the material that makes up your roof, so they can offer the best care and make the most effective repairs. Quality and timely repairs last longer than quick band-aid type fixes.

Benefit 3: Roof maintenance prevents business disruptions

Scheduling and keeping up with your roof’s maintenance can help catch problems sooner and help prolong your roof’s life. But the best reason to engage in regular maintenance is the protection it offers to your business. Leaks and problems can interfere with business operations and add additional expenses to replace damaged items and clean up any messes. Your roof is the biggest asset you have. Save the roof and you save what’s inside.

Schedule a roof maintenance appointment

Creating a regular and routine roof maintenance schedule gives you peace of mind knowing that your biggest asset is getting the care and attention it needs. Maintenance appointments can happen without interrupting your business hours. Having a local commercial roofing contractor handle the maintenance allows you to focus on what you do best: run your business.

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