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Get peace of mind with ARC. When you work with us you know that we will conduct a thorough exterior inspection and you’ll get a detailed report on what we find. If there was damage, we can go through your options with you. Know what to expect before the work begins. Hail and storm damage can be stressful – let ARC make it a little easier for you. Don’t worry about dealing with insurance; we can take care of that. We have experience working directly with insurers to make sure you get the coverage you deserve. We simplify the process start to finish so you can get back to your life.

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The roof was completely replaced in one day. The aluminum siding was removed and replaced with vinyl siding, also in one day. In both cases, when your crew left you would never know there was anyone there except for the new roof and siding. They were very courteous and polite.

Art and Esther Connell

I have received outstanding feedback from my clients about the service and workmanship that was given to them from you and your staff. I have also been very pleased when I could call you with something very little and yet you would take the time to call my clients and get them taken care of as if it was the biggest job out there. Once again, thank you for the excellent customer service that you provide for my clients and myself. You and your staff make my job that much easier.

Casey Corkwell Nationwide Insurance

Steps to Take When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

Hiring the right roofing and siding contractor makes a big difference. It remains important when seeking professional contractor services to obtain assistance from a knowledgeable roofing and siding contractor, preferably someone who can provide excellent prior references and who will approach completing your roofing project in a thorough, professional manner.If you reside in a subdivision or condominium unit governed by homeowners association regulations, a good first step involves checking the guidelines for roofing and siding, if any. Sometimes HOA communities require the use of specific types or styles of construction materials.

Several additional steps include:

  • Ask for business and customer references and check them;
  • Ask to see a copy of your roofer’s business license;
  • Hire only roofers who can show proof of insurance coverage;
  • Inquire where your roofing contractor of Marinette obtained their professional training. Has the contractor attended a company or vocational school to learn the roofing and siding trade? Does the contractor possess extensive prior experience as an apprentice? Inquire about the number and types of projects this person worked on in the past;
  • Obtain written estimates before agreeing to contract for contractor services;
  • Finally, only hire a contractor with whom you maintain a good personal rapport; hire someone you believe you can trust to demonstrate a solid work ethic.


Discuss any specific personal issues involved in your particular project carefully in advance first. For example, if your asphalt shingle roof is being replaced, you need to know the arrangements for disposing of the old shingles. Clarify who will be responsible for picking up after the work crew leaves the premises, too, and where the crew will park their vehicles during work.

Filing a Roofing Insurance Claim

In order to file a roofing insurance claim, you should check with your insurance agent first to obtain specific information about the type of data required by your insurance company. Some insurers prefer for their agents to check roofs specifically in person, although others may permit the homeowner to document the condition of a roof, as well. By checking into these issues in advance, you will not experience unpleasant surprises later should a roof issue arise.

Another good reason to clarify these procedures in advance of a problem involves any insurer requirements for repairing or replacing roofs. For instance, you may discover that the company expects property owners who seek hail damage repair in Marinette, WI to obtain three written estimates from qualified roofing contractors first. This step can help make certain that excessive amounts are not expended in replacing a damaged roof, which could be repaired instead, for example. The requirements of insurance companies and specific insurance policies sometimes differ significantly. Checking into these issues before you encounter a problem represents a better approach than having to wait for a protracted period of time with a damaged roof for an insurance company to approve repairs.

Most insurance agents will be happy to assist property owners by informing them about the steps required in order to file a claim, should that situation ever arise. Ask your agent if the company provides a claim form packet to its customers, alerting them to the steps they should follow when filing a roofing or siding related claim.

Roofing and Siding Services

Marinette, WI residents remain fortunate in possessing ready access to many well trained, professional and highly skilled roofing and siding contractors. Here are just some of the important services that these professionals can provide:

  • Roof and siding inspections;
  • Roof and siding repairs or upgrades;
  • Roof replacement;
  • Siding installation or replacement;
  • Some contractors sell or install energy-efficient windows, also;
  • Grounds cleanup following roofing and siding work;
  • Disposing of discarded roofing and siding material correctly and environmentally safely;
  • Preparing written estimates of roofing and siding projects for homeowner insurance purposes;
  • Helping property owners document the condition of roofing and siding;
  • Possess the knowledge base to make useful recommendations to property owners concerning the best types of roofing and siding materials for a particular property;
  • Some companies sell roofing materials;
  • Contractors may market siding.

Today, the wide array of building materials available allows property owners more choices than folks enjoyed during previous eras to obtain attractive, customized roofs and/or home siding. It makes sense for consumers to thoroughly research the roofing and siding materials available to meet their goals.