Nothing can make you feel more helpless than when your home or business falls victim to flood, fire or other catastrophic events. Let ARC Contracting help by doing the work of roofing, restoration, and remodeling and getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

ARC Contracting is a roofing contractor in the Oshkosh area.  In addition to shingle installation, re-roofing, siding and gutter services, we specialize in the following commercial and residential roofing services:

Commercial Roofing Contractor Oshkosh, WI

ARC Contracting is also a commercial roofing contractor serving the Oshkosh area. We know you can’t afford to slow down your business because of exterior wind or hail damage, so we guarantee the best in commercial roofing services and are always a call away for emergency roof repair and replacement services.

Our roofers, restorers, and staff make a mission of restoring your business exterior to its former self, and we work hard to help you get your business back to normal. Contact us today for commercial roofing and siding services in Oshkosh, WI!

Residential & Commercial Damage Repair Oshkosh, WI

As a property owner, whether homeowner or commercial property owner, you will need roof repair in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. With the harsh winter weather, severe storms and hot summers, roofs in Oshkosh have natural wear and tear that property owners will need to repair as a DIY or by hiring a roof repair company. ARC Contracting does both commercial roof repair and residential roof repair in Oshkosh, but let’s see if we can help you repair your roof yourself with these tips:

DIY Commercial Roof RepairEPDM Repair (Rubber Roof Repair) –

  • Locate damaged areas
  • Temperature should be 40 degrees or higher
  • Surface must be clean and dry
  • Cut your patch so that it sticks about 2-3″ beyond the hole in the roof.
  • Use EPDM cleaner to clean the surface area thoroughly then allow to dry
  • Take a paint brush, apply EPDM primer evenly, ensure the primer extends at least 2″ beyond the edges of the patch that you are going to apply.
  • Let the primer dry for about two-three minutes, depending on the weather, temperature, and how thick of a coat you’ve applied.
  • Then do a tack and pull test by touching the primer with a finger if the primer does not stick to your finger, it’s ready for the patch to be applied.
  • Once primer is dry, remove the paper off the back of your patch and slowly apply the patch to the roof surface, make sure you do not trap any air between the patch and rubber membrane. Work your way out from one edge of the patch to the other.
  • Once the patch is down, roll with a silicone roller with moderate pressure ensure you roll on the edges of the patch especially well.
  • For more information on how to repair your commercial roof yourself click


DIY Home Roof Shingle Repair

Visualize Your New Roof

Not sure what color or style roof would give your home curb appeal? Before you hire a roofing contractor, try the virtual home remodeling tool to visualize your home remodel work whether you’re remodeling your entire home, re-roofing, or getting new siding installed.

Visualize Your New Roof

If your home or business has fallen victim to Hail, Wind, Tornado, Flood/ Water disaster, we can clean up the mess. In the wake of such events, our team has the skills and equipment to get the job done quickly. ARC Contracting offers the home or business restoration, hail damage specialist, roofing and remodeling you want in Oshkosh, WI and surrounding areas.