Was your roof damaged by hail storms this past summer?

It’s a good idea to get it checked out before another harsh Wisconsin winter sets in.  Even if you can’t see damage, it doesn’t mean it’s not there – and the cold temps and snow can compound any damage that may already be compromising the integrity of your roof.

Call ARC Restoration & Contracting – we are hail damage repair experts.

Our technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior and provide you with a detailed assessment of any damage.  If you have sustained any damage, we can explain your options and walk you through the restoration process.  We work with your insurance company, making the process simple and efficient.

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The roof was completely replaced in one day. The aluminum siding was removed and replaced with vinyl siding, also in one day. In both cases, when your crew left you would never know there was anyone there except for the new roof and siding. They were very courteous and polite.

Art and Esther Connell

I have received outstanding feedback from my clients about the service and workmanship that was given to them from you and your staff. I have also been very pleased when I could call you with something very little and yet you would take the time to call my clients and get them taken care of as if it was the biggest job out there. Once again, thank you for the excellent customer service that you provide for my clients and myself. You and your staff make my job that much easier.

Casey Corkwell Nationwide Insurance
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Hail Damage Repair in Wisconsin Rapids

The Wisconsin Rapids area has experienced severe storms in the past, which have resulted in hail damage to Wisconsin Rapids, Biron, Port Edwards and surrounding areas. ARC Contracting has professionally trained roofing contractors to help you identify hail damage to your home or property.

Not all hail and storm damage is readily visible; this is why trained professionals are needed to help identify hail damage. Our professional crew will also help you by working directly with your insurance company saving you time and money.

At ARC Contracting, we are all about our customer’s satisfaction. Our team prides themselves on showing accountability, reliability and a commitment to getting excellent results on all of their projects. Whether you have an exterior restoration project or an extensive roof replacement, contact us today for all of your exterior and roofing services in Wisconsin Rapids and surrounding areas.