Hail Damage Restoration Experts

Natural disasters can cause things to go from normal to catastrophic in the blink of an eye. At ARC Contracting, our professionals have the tools and expertise needed to competently assess conditions after a storm. As part of the storm damage restoration process, roof materials may need to be replaced, or it might be necessary to promptly remove excess water from a flooded basement.

Disasters that Cause Structural Damage

Hail damage repair and hail damage restoration is another one of our specialties. Whether your home has been struck with golf ball-sized hailstones or some of a smaller diameter, it’s always smart to respond quickly and determine the best way to proceed in a way that gets your daily routine back to normal. Mother Nature has a way of causing uncertainty at times, but with our team on your side, it’s possible to breathe easier, because you’ll know we have the knowledge required to do the job right.

We Work With Your Insurance Company

At ARC Contracting, we cater to both residential roofing and commercial/industrial roofing client needs. If you’re in need of hail or storm damage repair, choose us to not only perform storm damage restoration, but also communicate directly with your insurer, making it simpler for you to file a claim for damages suffered.

Disasters can cause mental, emotional and physical traumas for you and others who live in a home. We’ll work quickly and thoroughly so you can rest assured that the results will preserve your home’s integrity and keep your family safe and healthy.

Call us at ARC Contracting today and inquire about a free inspection. Disasters related to inclement weather can be overwhelming, ARC’s team is accountable, reliable and committed to excellence in all we do.

Hail & Storm Damage

Even if it doesn’t shatter glass or total your car, hail can cause significant and lasting damage to your home or property. ARC knows how to identify, assess, and restore hail damage to all building materials.

Wind Damage

From hail damage repair to tornado damage and wind damage, ARC Contracting is your expert for exterior restoration. We make you the priority, and hold ourselves Accountable, Reliable, and Committed to excellence in all that we do.

Most homeowners only think of hail damage after the storm has rolled through. ARC wants to help you before the storm hits. Check out this article – The Headaches of Hail – for great tips on what property owners can do before the hail storm to prevent hail damage to their property and what to do after the hail storm to get help restoring your property. We also recommend you read this article for what to look for to know if your insurance company is out to cut hail claims. We work with insurance companies on a daily basis helping homeowners with their hail damage insurance claims. Contact us if you have any questions.