Decorating Your Roof for Christmas

As a homeowner living in Appleton, WI, full of winter wonders, it is irresistible to want to put up Christmas decorations to display the Christmas spirit. Sometimes, some decorations get us wondering, “Is this safe for my roof? What is the best way to hang decorations? How do I safely walk about on my roof to decorate it?” Safely securing Christmas decorations to the roof will not only keep your roof in a good condition for years to come but you will also be able to enjoy every holiday! Read for more tips on safe decorating for Christmas.

Safety Tips for Christmas Roof Decorating

  • The Weight of Christmas Decorations

Rooftop decorations such as Santa or his sleigh can put a heavy burden on your roof and not all roofs, especially old vulnerable ones, can withstand the weight. Pairs with heavy snowfall, your roof could cave, if not significant damage. Reconsider if you are intending to put heavy decorations up there.

  • Keep Yourself Grounded

With snow and ice having sat around for a while before the holidays, it’s important not to walk around on your roof, trying to set up complicated decorations. For one, you could damage the shingles or create cracks on the roof, allowing water and snow to seep through. 

  • Using Light Clips

Using staples or nails create holes in your roof and that is the last thing you want. Holes and cracks allow water and snow to seep through, creating water damage, and your roof will not last long. Instead, use Christmas light clips to keep decorations in place. They do not leave holes and are easy to take out.

  • Know Ladder Safety

The proper safety standard for ladders is to always keep a 3-point contact always. Be sure that the ladder is dry and is placed in a stable area for use. Have someone spot you from below and never reach further than you can.

  • Keep Inflatables on the Ground

Inflatables are dangerous when the weather is very windy, snowing, or raining. As it needs to be fastened down securely, the roof is the least likely place where an inflatable will sit still. Have any and all inflatables fasten to the ground instead. Your home can still look festive without risking your roof.

ARC Contracting is a roofing company, specializing in roof repair and replacement. We can give you more tips on how to maintain and care for your roof during the holiday season. Call us at 888-743-8086 for more information.

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